Barrier 87-1151

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Fondo F.D. (1859)

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Top Coating Pro (1288)

Barrier 87-1151 for Steelwork structures

Barrier 87-1151 is a product that allows you to effectively protect steel structural elements such as beams, columns, corrugated surfaces, etc.

Internally: can be applied as a finish.
Externally: can only be applied to surfaces that are not exposed to rain directly and are always protected by a protective water or solvent based enamel layer (0896 Top Lak, 1288 Top Coating Pro).

The protective enamel layer must be just what is reasonably needed, with no excess, as a large thickness could stop foam from expanding freely in case of a fire.

To calculate how much intumescent paint to apply to structures, the following information is needed:

1 R required fire resistance;

2 Drawings of the structures to be treated (indicating specific profiles like HEA 200, IPE 300, UPN 120 etc.) or, alternatively, a detailed list of the structures to be treated;3 Any structural calculation reports (if available) issued by certified technicians (necessary to issue the specific final calculation report for the performed work);

4 References of the yard where the paint has to be applied or, alternatively, name of the applier or of the company carrying out the work;

5 If possible, indicate type of support to be treated (bare steel, galvanised steel, other).

The proper application of the product is fundamental for the performance result. The perfect adhesion to the substrate and homogeneity of the application’s thicknesses are the basic requirements for the expansion of the protective film Barrier in case of fire.

On some supports, BARRIER can be applied directly as long as the surface is dry, dust and grease free.

On iron supports you still need to apply a first coat of quick drying antirust primer FONDO F.D. (cod.1859) or KORINTHOS PRIMER (cod. 0717) or FONDO ANTICORROSIVO EPOX (cod.1293.) On galvanised structures, the adhesion primer to be used is KORINTHOS PRIMER or FONDO ANTICORROSIVO EPOX.

Through the thicknesses’ tables, contained in the technical reports relating to the Product Barrier 87-1151,

obtained for the metal structures by carrying out tests in accordance with EN 13381-08 Standards, it is

possible to calculate the thickness of the protective paint, starting from the following data:

-Required fire resistance class;

-Type element (beam or column);

-Sides exposed to fire;


-Applied critical temperature.


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