Steps we always take in all projects

Starting with a careful assessment of the context and variables involved, the Impa mission for the fire protection has always been focused on finding the best solution for the intervention. To know and to carefully evaluate the different situations in order to give the best response. All that thanks to the professionalism of all our departments.

Research & Development
Presales Technical Assistance
Aftersales Assistance
Commercial Assistance
Continuous Support

Research & Development

it develops products that can anticipate innovation while responding to the market needs and laws in force. All the Impa solutions for the fire protection are subjected to the rigid controls of Certification Bodies through:

  • Identifying qualified international Bodies.
  • Carrying out preliminary Tests to achieve the best product performance.
  • Obtaining European reference Certification and European Technical Approval for CE marking.

Presales Technical Assistance            

it understands the needs with yard visits and making use of analytical assessment instruments and calculation programmes; it defines the best solution while checking yard progress.

  • Identifying the most suitable solution based on the type of bearing element and on the required class resistance.
  • Calculating the quantity of protective product using experimental and analytical methods.
  • Direct support, through visits, on the preparation of the support and on the application of the products.
  • Issuing of the technical calculation report of the product to apply, of the fire resistance Certification, of the RESISTANCE CERTIFICATE MOD. 2012 and DECLARATION PRODUCTS MOD. 2012.
  • Drafting of the Performance Declaration of the applied product (D.O.P.).
  • Advice on the reference Regulations and drafting of theTechnical Specifications.

Aftersales Assistance

in compliance with all the testing regulations, control and certification of the passive fire protection systems.

Commercial Assistance

it is the direct link with the customer providing all the necessary support in the various project stages.

Continuous Support

Impa works alongside professional parties, installers and competent Authorities, placing its experience at disposal. All that is the result of a constant investment in the research of technologically advanced solutions and in line with National and Community regulations.

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